Angelica Flores

Marketing Manager

Angel finished her Bachelor’s in Communications in the Philippines with flying colours, graduating as Magna Cum Laude. Her background in media production and advertising working for companies such as CNN and GroupM has provided her with an in-depth approach to marketing and creative direction. She also uses her on-ground experience with photography and videography to her advantage as a creative lead.

She is a proud fur mom of 2 British Shorthairs and a french bulldog, and in her own time enjoys cooking, watching films, visiting art galleries, and experimenting with different art mediums with her partner.

Bianca Birsan

Sr. Marketing Executive

Born in Romania, Bianca has continuously traveled to gain international experience and has also called Canada, Germany, and the UAE ‘home’ at some point in time. Outside of work, Bianca is an avid baker and continuously experiments with recipes and designs.

Passionate about social media and marketing, Bianca holds a bachelor’s degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, with a focus on Economics and Psychology. By studying social behaviour in the marketplace, Bianca offers a wealth of knowledge in planning and implementing digital campaigns to build an online community.

Daiana Dimitrova

Jr. Marketing Executive

Daiana is a multilingual professional with a passion for languages and a background in hospitality. After completing her studies in Italy, she began her career in the UK, working in diverse F&B environments, ranging from hotels to restaurants, primarily focused on customer service.

Her move to the UAE ignited an interest in marketing, which she is currently cultivating. Daiana’s fast learning abilities and her knack for overcoming challenges have propelled her to a growing vision for her career and is committed to achieving success in the industry.

Nusupkhan Alisherov


Nusup was born and raised in Kyrgystan and grew up in an environment shaped by the artistry of his parents, who are both musical professionals. He credits his parents’ artistic influence for his deep appreciation for all things creative and continues to shape his path, allowing him to craft videos that speak to the heart and evoke genuine emotions in all who watch.

Nusup is also a former wushu prodigy, who has represented his country in international competitions. When he’s not busy learning new video trends or watching films, he spends his time outdoors, either biking or taking his dog out for a day at the beach. He considers Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton, and Hayao Miyazaki to be among his biggest influences.

Arjhelle Adato


Arjhelle’s career as a photographer started in 2016, and since then, her work has encompassed various disciplines including destination photography, studio photography, wedding & events photography, lifestyle, e-commerce, and F&B. Her background as a Multimedia Arts graduate has equipped her with the necessary skills & techniques needed to refine her craft.

Not only is she successful in this field, but she is also the proud owner of Esmeré Dubai, an online fashion boutique shop. For her work at Esmeré, she’s been recognized in her local community with her business being awarded the Best E-Commerce brand for Fashion & Apparel. Outside of work, Arjhelle is also an avid singer, traveller, plant mom, and dog lover.

Carl Cruz

Graphic Designer

A third culture kid, Carl spent his growing years in Dubai and studied 3D Animation in SAE UAE. Carl is a passionate graphic designer who loves to explore different art styles and mediums. He cites Basquiat, Virgil Abloh, Andy Warhol, and Edward Hopper as some of his biggest influences.

During his spare time, Carl enjoys playing basketball, video games, chess, watching films, and painting. As a lifelong learner, Carl embraces challenges and continuously invests in his professional development. His proficiency in industry-standard design tools, coupled with his strong foundation in design principles, allows him to bring versatility and adaptability to his work.

Bekzhan Tursunaliev

Jr. Content Creator

Bekzhan hails from Kyrgyztan, where he pursued a career in video production. Having worked for 4 years back in his country, Bekzhan continuously honed his craft, producing videos for companies such as Toyota, BMW, and Google.

It was his dedication to videography that led Bekzhan to Dubai’s vibrant landscape, where he now thrives as a content creator. Behind the camera, Bekzhan crafts visual stories, blending creativity and technical finesse to transform everyday moments into extraordinary narratives.

Beyond the camera, Bekzhan is a Latin dance enthusiast. He spent some time teaching salsa, bachata, and Kizomba professionally back home. It has not only been a hobby, but he considers it as a journey of self-discovery.

Joseph Bobmanuel

Jr. Content Creator

An all-around artist, athlete, and music prodigy, Joseph is a jack of all trades. He was also nominated for best supporting actor at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 for his very first short film, “How We Lost What We Found”. His love for music and theatre began at a very young age. Growing up in the church and being thrust into the choir motivated his rhythm and artistry. He experiences synesthesia, where one physical sense adds to another, allowing him to see music as color.

He is an out-of-the-box thinker and a true creative genius, unbound by rules with his ability to ideate and create spectacular visuals. He is an aspiring author and influencer with many projects still in the works. His multifaceted nature and love for storytelling resonate throughout his work, giving him an edge in the field of content creation.